Scam alerts Professional scammer, by posting thousands of companies and service, virus marketing their recovery service, which stole your info, take your money. Only your bank Chargeback has the chance to recover your loss on binary broker, not this kind of so called recovery service, they burn you second time. the funny things is they even dont know our service, they put our service as a broker 🤣

see how does this scammer describe our service: we only manage account for clients, what is a peakbinary option account???????

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Recently, our potential clients told us there are negative reviews online. actually, the reviews exist for years and we know who post those fake reviews. they provide misleading info to our potential clients. however, if you are logical and reasonable, you can conclude by yourself that how absurd of those reviews based on the following facts:

  1. We provide trial service. all screenshots or videos can be fake. but your own real account won’t lie to you. the brokers wont allow you withdraw real money with fake profits. right?
  2. You pay only after you get withdraw.
  3. Your fund is in your own real account; only you can withdraw to your own Same bank account or e-wallet accounts used to deposit. can only access to withdraw area via security link sent to your email.
  4. We never work as affiliate for any broker. we get nothing if you lose money. we only make money when you receive profits successfully.
  5. We are ranked as top 4 for managed binary option account on google.
  6. We have been in business for 7 years+ all those scam brokers already disappeared for years.

There are mainly three reasons for those fake reviews.

  1. We have thousands of competitors and easy to get attacked

We ranked as Top 4 of the 92,300,000 results on “managed binary option account” service without any ads. We have unlimited competitors. they post negative reviews to ruin our fame then they can have a chance to attract clients for themselves.

2. There are professional scammers making money via posting negative reviews

We have received numerous emails like the following one. they threaten us by posting negative reviews. they thought we would pay them as we may lose many potential clients if we don’t pay. there are also fake reviews sites, recovery fund scams. they post negative reviews to attract visitors to their websites, then scam you. no one can recover lost fund to the scam brokers but FBI. We would Never pay any cent to such scammers.

3. The scam brokers and affiliates of them post negative reviews

there are many scam binary option brokers especially years ago. now most of them disappeared. many of them cant withdraw or do price manipulation to make you lose. after we disclose their scamming method, they post negative reviews. all brokers including those legit ones ONLY want you to lose money. binary trading is zero sum game. the broker make money when you lose money. so when we make millions dollars for our clients on them, means the brokers lose millions. our clients and us share profits. we are enemy of brokers. that’s why they hate us. every casino has blacklist. the binary broker also has blacklist. our personal accounts got restricted many years ago. can only win tens dollars per day. that’s why we have to operate managed account service to make money. They make no means to make you lose money.

Scam List

  1. Disappeared for years. legit at first then withdraw problem and price manipulation Disappeared legit at first then withdraw problem and price manipulation in business price manipulation
Banc de binary Disappeared years ago, sued by US SEC Disappeared withdraw problem in business price manipulation Disappeared price manipulation and withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem
Pocket option in business price manipulation problem
Safe24option Disappeared withdraw problem
optionrally Disappeared withdraw problem
Traderxp withdraw problem
Optionfair withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem
Binarycent in business price manipulation
Raceoption in business price manipulation
Alldayoption Disappeared withdraw problem
anyoption Disappeared withdraw problem and price manipulation
Grandoption Disappeared withdraw problem and price manipulation
Hyoptions Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem
optionbit Disappeared withdraw problem
option time Disappeared withdraw problem and price manipulation
Optionair Disappeared withdraw problem Disappeared withdraw problem
ukoptions Disappeared withdraw problem
Ubinary Disappeared withdraw problem

* The above list is based on the report of our clients with solid proof. We wont remove any of them.

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